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What is #heartCTgrown?

Coming out of the UConn CAHNR Extension , #heartCTgrown is an initiative to promote farms, Farmer's Markets, CSA's, and pick-your-own operations throughout the state of Connecticut.  We believe that local food is an important venue for making meaningful connections to each other and to building strong, resilient, healthy communities that are ready to tackle challenges together. We hope to share the stories of these connections, and that it will encourage you to tell your stories too.

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Candy from the sea?!?!? What?!?! How cool. Excited for all the other interesting and fun ways we can eat kelp for the annual Kelp Harvest Week this year (Apr 20-Apr 30th) Are you ready?

RePosted from• @newenglandkelpharvest Candied kelp has a sweet caramel plan or with the salty umami of the sugar kelp - it is amazing on its own or with cracked over ice cream. This is just one of the treats included in our kelp week participant and sponsor goodie bags. #ctgrown #umami #seaweed #ctfood #ctfoodies #cteats #sustainablefood #newenglandfoodies #newhavenfood #rieats #pvdeats #rifoodie #rifood #locallygrown #smallfarms #kelpweek #heartCTgrown

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A day after the first day of spring but still relevant when you got these cuties to ring in the warmer season! Love all the babies showing up at our #CTfarms

Photo by @clatter_ridge_farm

#SpringBabies #LittleLambs #LambingSeason #FarmBabies #Lambs #NewLife #CTfarmers #CTgrown #HeartCTgrown

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We know that you are excited to start planning your garden this year. And maybe you've never done it before. Or maybe you have, but feel like you could use some tips or tricks to make you more successful. Well, aren't our farmers just great. Because they got some plans to help you out. Check out this great series put on by @samadgardensinitiative and @auerfarm ! Sign up at the Auer Farm website

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Had a great time this past weekend at the @ctnofa winter conference. There is so much smarts/wisdom that our farmers and those supporting them have to share which makes us extra hyped for the upcoming growing season. Thanks for a great conference all!


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We LOVE when our farmers do cool things…like put out books!!!! Really cool way to learn from your local farmers on not just how to grow your food, but the best ways to eat it too!

RePosted from• @park.city.harvest.llc NEW BOOK ALERT 🚨: Link in their instagram bio. #stayloyaltothesoil

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