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What is #heartCTgrown?

Coming out of the UConn CAHNR Extension , #heartCTgrown is an initiative to promote farms, Farmer's Markets, CSA's, and pick-your-own operations throughout the state of Connecticut.  We believe that local food is an important venue for making meaningful connections to each other and to building strong, resilient, healthy communities that are ready to tackle challenges together. We hope to share the stories of these connections, and that it will encourage you to tell your stories too.

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Dats a good farm doggo! A Livestock farmer’s work is never done!

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Plenty of our folks that are farming in the state are on rented land, or are waiting to buy land to start their farming business. If you are one of those farmers (or know one of them) OR want to sell some land to a farmer this event is for you!!! Check out this Farmland Mixer put on by @uconnextension's Solid Ground Program, and partners, and learn about assessing land, meet other land owners and/or farmers and meet service providers who want to help you! Sign up here at the link in our profile!

Sunday, December 4, 2022
@ The Vineyard at Franklin

12-1pm: Optional field walk of the Farm and strategies for assessing land

1-3pm: Eat (free!), Drink, meet landowners, farmers, service providers, and find land!

Sign up at the link in our profile!

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So glad that these amazing farmers went around the state this year teaching folks in Hartford, Bridgeport and New Haven amazing new skills in Urban Farming. They shared their knowledge on Micro-greens, growing on a budget, making your own amendments, hydroponics, using your products for value added products, companion planting and so much more. Shout out to @ms.laurenlittle @micro2life_microgreens and @samadgardensinitiative. You totally #heartctgrown

Photo by Samad Gardens Initiative

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Did you know about this Conference happening this winter?

February 4, 2023 at Harkness Memorial State Park (Waterford, CT) is the FIRST Northeast Disability and Agriculture Conference.
Join service providers, farmers, and community supporters at this daylong event to discuss and increase disability awareness while being equipped with skills and resources to become allies in advocating for accessibility in agriculture

Sign up here to reserve your spot: https://tinyurl.com/2496dyp3
A post conference stipend will be given to the first (50) farmers who identify as having a disability, have registered in advance, and attends the full conference.

Help form the conference by filling out the survey: https://forms.gle/Ts1RHsPCRUage7XP7
We would GREATLY appreciate your feedback to help us design conference content, better identify gaps in disability awareness and needed services for participants by participating

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Worm facts! These guys are helping make our soil work!

RePosted from• @park.city.harvest.llc Quick worm facts:: After earthworms mate, their fertilised eggs are held in a protective cocoon. The baby worms (hatchlings) will emerge and burrow into the soil, where they grow into a juvenile state (which you’ll mainly see in this video) will then mature adult worms to continue the cycle! So now we have to get them out the cold and find a secure location for future breeding. #stayloyaltothesoil #pcharvest #farmlife #vermicompost #CTfarms #CTfarmers #Worms #HealthySoil #CTgrown #heartCTgrown

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